Frozen Coffee Storage Calculator

Sceptical of the benefits of Freezing Coffee?

See Coffee: To Freeze or Not to Freeze on Home Barista


Coffee Roaster   [optional for printing]
Roasted   First Brew Day   0.2g Ambient   °  C   F
Frozen   Last Brew Day   Freezer   °  C   F
    Staling Rate Reduction  / 10°C
   Daily Usage    g   oz   lb   kg


!! Hermetic packaging is imperative !!
Calculation : 1 / ( StalingRate^((amb — frz)/10) ).
[parameters amb and frz are °C in the above formula]
Empirical evidence suggests that at least ½ the computed usage can be stored with excellent results.
Lighter roasts have a longevity edge over darker roasts. Over a month period a medium roast may require a 0.05g dose increase per week to keep the initial shot parameters.
A dark roast may require a 0.10g to 0.20g dose increase per week to keep the same shot parameters.
This is observed on a Niche Zero with locked grind adjustment on approximately 18g dose in a double basket for 30g shot in 30s from first drop.