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... numbers don't lie. liars use numbers ...

Data Source

Data Downloaded 10-April-2020 from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - CSV data loaded into LibreOffice (x64) for analysis and graphing. Countries selected based on infection rates. South Korea include as an example of what might have been had our Bungling Bureaucracy received a timely R-C.E. and the ChiComs shown any shred of decency.

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CaseDaysChina DeathRampChina
China's data is unlike any other. Ostensibly the first cases in China were in late December 2019. If true, China's contagion was more rapid and more quickly controlled than seems credible relative to elsewhere.

China arrived at 250 deaths / day in only 44 days from first reported infection. Only Italy reached 250 deaths / day in less time. Other nations took about two to three weeks longer. Unlike all other countries with large mortality, China's infection cases are falling a week before mortality peaks for one day at 250, falling the next day nearly none and finally leveling off for 10 days around 125 before falling to near zero. Other countries have blazed right through 250 deaths / day, some to over 1000 deaths / day.

CaseDaysFrance DeathRampFrance CaseDaysGermany DeathRampGermany
France Germany
France and Germany undertook different strategies to combat CoViD-19. Initially it appears Germany may have the upper hand in mortality, but their infection rate looks troubling.

CaseDaysItaly DeathRampItaly CaseDaysSKorea DeathRampSKorea
Italy S Korea
Italy got a double whammy with the oldest population in Europe and thousands of returning Chinese workers. South Korea quickly brought the infection rate under control. In both cases, despite vastly different infection profiles, mortality numbers are fairly consistent for several weeks. Unlike China!

CaseDaysSpain DeathRampSpain CaseDaysUSA DeathRampUSA
Spain USA
Both Spain and the U.S. reach 250 deaths / day about 3 weeks after the first reported fatality case. Spain shows a little indication of leveling. The U.S. is not yet so fortunate. Based on Global mortality profiles, the U.S. could continue with near 1000 mortality days for some time.



The Daily Death Toll is approaching the Daily Death Toll of the Pacific War 1941-1945.
Think about that for a minute. The Black area in the chart is a pile of corpses!!
The ChiComs are responsible for a number of Deaths Per Day approaching that for which we tried and executed War Criminals.

China has declared economic war on the world.

Let's hope we Make the Bastards Pay!